Adaptil Calm Refill 48ml

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Both the Adaptil Diffuser & refill and the Adaptil 1 month Refill 48ml listed on site are compatible with one another, despite differences in packaging. However, Fetch reminds customers that due manufacturing difficulties the Feliway diffuser and refill, previously listed as "NEW" are not compatible with any of the products listed on site now.

The diffuser releases the comforting pheromone in the local environment and should be plugged into the room where the dog spends most of it's time, perfect for helping your dog feel confident and supported in their environment.

The diffuser will cover an area of 50-70 sq m (one floor of a three bed property) and last for 4 weeks.

Adaptil refills can be purchased to replenish the diffuser every 4 weeks. The diffuser plug should be changed every 6 months.

Please note, we have changed the packaging of our Adaptil diffusers. The diffuser in these packs is our original diffuser unit.

Product Information


Noise fears are very common, affecting up to 80% of dogs in the UK. In most cases dogs showing noise fears can usually be helped by providing Adaptil support and following a few simple steps. This should include building a den, drawing curtains, turning on the TV and most importantly acting normally and ignoring any fearful behaviour.


The kennel environment can be stressful for you and your dog. Some dogs may show stress-related behaviour such as pacing or barking. Others may go off their food or develop diarrhoea. Consider fitting an Adaptil Collar before the dog enters the kennel. This has been shown to prevent excessive barking and help dogs adjust more quickly to kennel life.


There are two aspects to travel problems; motion sickness and travel fear. However, the symptoms of each are very similar and many dogs are believed to suffer from both. Reduce the stress associated with travelling by using an Adaptil Collar or Adaptil Spray. However, in some instances it may also be necessary to treat the motion sickness with medication.

Recommended for

The Adaptil diffuser is ideal for:

  • Nervous dogs
  • Dogs that find situations hard to cope with
  • Changes to their environment (new arrival, redecorating, moving home)
  • Fireworks/loud noises
  • Staying home alone


Plug in Adaptil Diffuser releases the comforting pheromone into the local environment.

  • Covers 50-70m2
  • Each vial lasts up to 4 weeks
  • Up to 5 refills may be used before replacing the diffuser unit
  • Helps dogs to cope with challenging situations (fireworks, Christmas, new baby, staying home alone etc)
  • Helps puppies or adult dogs settle in new homes
  • Helps prevent or reduce stress-related inappropriate behaviours   these may include, pacing, trembling, salivating etc

Re-training may be required to eliminate unwanted behaviours.