Almo Nature HFC Confiserie Dog Ovenbaked Treats with Cherry and Pomegranate 60g

£2.49 £4.15 per 100g
Almo Nature is the pet food, produced with natural ingredients, that returns 100% of its profits to cats, dogs and biodiversity through the projects of the Fondazione Capellino. 
Get ready to be spoilt for choice, with the new and irresistible HFC dog treats! This unique line offers a wide variety of gourmet recipes, all made with exclusive and 100% HFC ingredients (i.e. originally fit for human consumption and now used in this dog food). Oven baked in a prestigious Italian patisserie, these tasty bites stand for a reward like no other!

Key Benefits

Delicious treat your dog will love: chewy and soft on the inside and crispy on the outside.
100% HFC ingredients: i.e. originally fit for human consumption and now used in this food for cats or dogs.
100% Vegetarian 
Oven baked in a prestigious Italian Bakery 

Product Information

Almo Nature HFC Confiserie is available in 5 delicious vegetarian recipes stuffed with the most flavourful fruit or fruit and yogurt filling. All recipes are free from corn, soy, additives, food colouring, chemical preservatives and palm oil, making it an exquisite dog treat that humans will love to give! Thanks to the resealable packaging, the product remains fresh and the aroma is completely preserved, even after opening the pouch. HFC Confiserie complementary food for adult dog is available in 60g resealable pouches (6 Confiseries per pouch).

Recommended for

Oven baked vegetarian treats for adult dogs


Composition: Wheat meal, vegetable margarine, cherry filling 14%, wheat whole meal, rice syrup, rice bran, 1,45% of dried pomegranate
(equivalent to 7% of pomegranate), eggs, vanilla flavouring.


Crude fat 16%, Crude protein 6%, Moisture 6%, Crude fibre 1,5%, Crude ash 0,5%, Energy Value 359 Kcal/100g


Always ensure there's a bowl of fresh water available for your dog.
Complementary treat for dogs.

Feeding Guide

We recommend giving your dog 1 snack a day in between meals, either in small portions or as a whole snack.
Always make sure there's a bowl of fresh water available for your dog and supervise them when feeding.

Storage Information

After opening, store in cool and dry place