Almo Nature-HFC -Made in Italy-Yellowfin Tuna wet cat food 24x70g 24 x 70g

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"HFC Made in Italy": a taste of Italy! The HFC “Made In Italy” wet recipes for cats are developed with the finest HFC meat or fish (i.e. originally fit for human consumption but used in our cat food instead). The recipes ensure transparency regarding the origin of ingredients and provide the very best and natural supply of animal proteins, which are vital for the metabolism and other biological functions of these carnivores. The wet food recipes are developed without using chemical preservatives, GMOs, food colouring, meat or fish meal and are either grain or gluten free. The HFC "Made In Italy" line of wet cat food offers a variety of specialities with exclusive and gourmet flavour combinations, in natural or jelly form, to even satisfy the most pickiest taste-buds! HFC Made in Italy - Complementary food for adult cats - is a line of gourmet recipes available in 70g tins.

Key Benefits

HFC Meat/ Fish: Only ingredients originally fit for human consumption and now cat food

Digestive Care: Ingredients that are easy to absorb and digest

Additive Free: No chemicals, No additives, No colourings

High Bio-Available Animal Protein: Ingredients are cooked only once, thus preserving its nutritional value and making proteins more easily digestible and absorbable by the cat'organism 

Monoprotein: Some recipes are made with single animal protein, which is ideal in case of food difficulties 

Grain Free & Gluten Free

Skin Care: These recipes contain a natural source of Omega-3 ideal for keeping  your cat' skin healthy. 

Product Information

Almo Nature Made in Italy: the line of cat food prepared with HFC meat/ fish , made and produced in Italy
The Made in Italy  recipes are formulated with natural, exclusive and high quality ingredients, preserved in their cooking broth. Ideal for keeping your cat naturally hydrated! The line also includes a “Jelly” recipe with added natural vegetable gelatin, helping in the removal of hairballs.

The profits of Almo Nature products (after the deduction of expenses, investments and taxes) are used to finance the projects of Fondazione Capellino, whose single goal is to back and support initiatives designed to protect our shared home – our planet – by internalising and vocalising respect for life in all its forms.

Recommended for

Adult Cats / Cats with food difficulties


Yellowfin tuna 75%, fish broth 25%


Analytical constituents: Crude protein 15,8, Crude fat 0,2, Crude ash 1,3, Moisture 83,6, Crude fibre 0,5, Energy Value 677 kcal/kg.


Cats drink little or do not drink at all. A diet based exclusively on kibble, therefore, could, in the long term, compromise the healthy functioning of their kidneys. We therefore recommend alternating dry and wet on a daily basis, with a clear prevalence of wet. In this way you will ensure your cat gets a correct nutritional balance and, indirectly, adequate hydration. 

Feeding Guide

Adult Cat 4kg: 110g wet food + 35g dry food

Storage Information

Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within 1 day.