Animology Clean Sheets Dog Wipes 80 per pack

RRP: £9.99

You save: 88p (9%)

£9.11 11p each
Extra large and extra-strong, Animology Clean Sheets are unlike any others on the market. The wipes have one rough side containing microfibers to help agitate and pick up loose hair and dirt, and a smooth side to help wipe it away.

Key Benefits

Super-tough wipes to prevent tearing in your hand.
Dual-sided for an effective clean and wipe.
Soaked in our no-rinse shampoo formulation for a fresh scent.

Product Information

Soaked in our no-rinse shampoo formulation, the wipes will leave your dog’s coat smelling clean and fresh. Vitamin enriched, the wipes will also help to degrease, deodorise and keep your dog’s coat in good condition.

Recommended for

Our extra large, tough, dual-sided wipes are the best way to keep your dog clean on the go.

Size Guide

Extra large Clean Sheets are 200 x 270mm approx.