Bags On Board Waste Pick-up Refill Patterned Poo Bags 140 per pack 140 per pack

£5.79 4p each

Make the task of picking up waste more pleasant with Bags On Board's thick and strong Waste Pick-Up Dog Poop Bags. A large, deep bag ensures that your hands are kept well away from the waste and allows easy tying of the bag top to prevent leakage. The bags are thick and have a double seam which reduces the likelihood of tearing the bags.

Key Benefits

  • Large bags: easy to tie
  • Fits most dispensers
  • 100% leakproof
  • Double sealed seams
  • Stronger and thicker material

Recommended for

Cleaning up after your dog. The bags also work great as a way to get rid of kitty messes in cat litter trays, as they keep odour in the bags.