Beaphar Glucosamine Easy Treats For Dogs 150g

£5.50 £3.67 per 100g
Loss of vitality, reluctance to go for a walk, or problems climbing up and down stairs are all indications that your dog may be suffering from stiff or sore joints. Problems such as these afflict young dogs as well as the elderly, and small breeds as well as large.

The development and maintenance of healthy tendons, joints and connective tissue are assisted by the regular intake of glucosamine contained within Beaphar Glucosamine Easy Treats. The delicious recipe makes this the easiest way to administer these valuable nutrients to your pet (150g).

Key Benefits

  • Glucosamine is a widely-used human supplement that is an essential component of healthy joint tissue and fluid.


Cereals, Meat & Animal Derivatives (at least 4% turkey), Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Vegetable Protein Extracts, Minerals (at least 4% Glucosamine), Oils and Fats.

Dosage Guide

Give one treat per 5kg bodyweight. Nutritional supplements take time to produce a visible effect, and administration should continue at this level until a significant improvement has been achieved. Thereafter, the number of treats may be reduced to 1 per 10kg bodyweight to maintain good condition. It should be noted that some dogs may respond less well, due to other underlying conditions - always seek Veterinary advice if you have any concerns regarding your pet.