Beaphar XtraVital Budgie / Parakeet Food 500g

£5.58 £11.15 per kg

Beaphar XtraVital Parakeet is a highly palatable, complete, seed-based food made from natural ingredients, containing the correct balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat, and all the required vitamins and minerals.

Beaphar XtraVital Parakeet includes 24 varieties of seeds, and fruits to provide an interesting and varied diet for your bird. In addition, Beaphar XtraVital Parakeet contains added Vitamin A, Echinacea to support the immune system, and 19% fortified eggfood to provide your bird with essential amino acids and chelated vitamins.

Key Benefits

24 varieties of seed
Ideal for budgies and small parakeets
Added Vitamin A and Echinacea

Recommended for

Ideal for budgies and small parakeets


26 varieties of seeds, cereals, various sugars (honey 2%), fruit, bakery products, derivatives of vegetable origin, minerals, vegetable protein extracts, eggs and egg derivatives, oils & fats, yeasts.

Feeding Guide

The daily amount of Beaphar XtraVital Parakeet to give is dependent upon the size of the bird, their level of activity, their housing, the temperature and weather conditions. Regularly check your bird's weight to ensure you are feeding enough. The below information is a guide, so you may need to adjust the feeding amounts to suit your bird's requirements. 
Budgie: Feed 1.5 scoops (7.5g) per bird per day
Cockatiels: Feed 2 scoops (15g) per bird per day
If your bird is already on a seed-based diet, over a few days mix some old food in with Beaphar XtraVital Parakeet to give your bird time to adjust to the new food. Some birds do not require a change over period and will readily accept the new food. Alternatively, if you are changing your bird from a pelleted diet to a seed-based diet, this may need to be done over several weeks to ensure your bird accepts the new style of food. Always have fresh drinking water available.

Safety Advice

Always fully read the product packaging before use.
For animal use only.

Storage Information

Store below 25°C. For best results use within three months of opening. Dispose of empty packaging in the household rubbish.