Beco Bamboo Kitten and Cat Litter Tray Pink


These eco-friendly litter trays are made from waste plant material, so while they last for years in your home, they will start biodegrading as soon as you bury them in your garden or discard them to landfill.

The BecoTray has a high back lid for extra kick back protection and a push fit lid for ease of use. Heavier than a normal plastic litter tray, it is much more stable and less likely to be knocked around the kitchen floor. Our matching cat litter scoop has a heavy weight design which gives it a unique quality. The Beco Pets Eco Blue Cat Litter Scoop can be bought separately.

The BecoTray has a stylish design with muted colour lids and a natural coloured base.

Size Guide

Dimensions: D: 51cm x W: 40cm x H: 16.5cm
Product Weight: 1.8kg


Natural bamboo and rice husk