Beco Bamboo Ocean Waves Dog Feeding and Water Bowl Large

Made from plant-based materials including 35% bamboo and 53% PLA (corn-based), this bowl offers a great alternative to a traditional dog bowl. The natural strength of bamboo means this bowl will last for years in the home. Do not microwave. Top-shelf dishwasher safe.

Key Benefits

Durable & Long Lasting, BPA Free, Easy Clean, Love Your Dog Love Our Planet

Product Information

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Recommended for

All dogs 


Retain packaging for future reference.

Size Guide

External Diameter/ Capacity:

L - 18cm/1.65L

0.180 x 0.180 x 0.065 (D x W x H)


• Bamboo powder

• PLA resin - PLA is a plant-based material

• Cornstarch

• Bran coat/rice husks

Care & Use

Wash regularly in warm soapy water. 

Dishwasher friendly 

Storage Information

Cannot be Microwaved