Blink Flaked Tuna Fillets Cat Food Pouch 85g

£1.02 £1.20 per 100g
We love that a cat’s slow blink is a sign of trust. We then thought, hey, what would our cats want us to buy on the weekly food shop? So we’ve created nutritious, complete recipes full of
real fish and left out all the things our cat wouldn’t want to eat - cereals, grains and sugars.
Our flaked tuna fillets are as delicious as the fish you buy from your local fishmonger - the same premium quality too!
It’s simple really:
great recipes + real fish fillets + some crazy cats = Blink!

Key Benefits

100%: Human Grade Fillets, Natural Ingredients*, Grain Free, British Made & Complete Meal

Product Information

Blink is a complete cat food for cats of all ages.
Our recipes are made from natural ingredients* with added vitamins and minerals and, a bit like you cooking in your kitchen, these will vary in terms of the end results?! The ingredients are cooked in their
own natural juices to create a nutritious meal and a soft jelly protects the flaked tuna fillets.

Recommended for

Suitable for all ages: Kitten & Adult Cats


Flaked Tuna Fillets 60%
Fish Broth 39%
Vitamins and Minerals 1%


Nutritional Values (%):
Protein 13, Fat 2, Ash 1.5, Fibre 0.2,
Ca 0.15, P 0.1, Moisture 83
Calories: 64kcal/100g
Nutritional Additives (/kg):
Taurine 500 mg, Vitamin A 2000 i.u
Vitamin D3 100 i.u. 
Trace Elements (mg/kg):
Iron (3b103) 15, Zinc (3b605) 12, Manganese (3b503) 1.5, Copper (3b405) 0.75, Iodine (3b202) 0.5.


Over the first few days mix small portions of Blink with your old food. Keep increasing the amount of Blink food over time until they’re fully swapped onto our meals.

Feeding Guide

Feed 2 pouches over 2 meals based on a moderately active 3kg cat, but as you know every cat is different. Remember to adjust if you are feeding wet, dry or treats. Make sure there's always fresh drinking water nearby.

Storage Information

Please store in a cool, dry place and feed at room temperature.