Boomer Ball Dog Toy 4"

The Boomer Ball an ultra hard wearing dog toy, designed for those larger-than-life characters who love to chase and conquer. This incredibly tough, virtually indestructible ball is made from polyethylene and means that most dogs can't puncture or rip the Boomer Ball. This durable dog toy promotes healthy, active play, which is key to having a well exercised and stimulated dog.

Key Benefits

Super durable and hard wearing dog toy. 
Virtually indestructible. 
Stands up to the most rambunctious play styles.  
Great for dogs who love to push or chase balls. 
Ideal for play outdoors. 
Easy to Clean.
Easy to Use

Product Information

The ball is designed not to be picked up by your dog and so should be a size bigger than your dog can carry. It can also be as a therapeutic toy to enrich the environment of elephants, pigs, polar bears or any other bored, inquisitive animal.

Recommended for

Rough playing dogs who typically destroy other toys, and dogs who love to chase balls. 

Size Guide

The Boomer Ball comes in 4 sizes, and you should select a size that your dog cannot fit in his mouth. Despite it's very heavy duty nature, this toy is designed to be rolled around and pawed, rather than chewed. 



Safety Advice

Please do not leave unsupervised with your pet.

Caution: Proper supervision is advised when playing with all toys to ensure no accidental swallowing. This toy should be regularly inspected to ensure there is no damage. If any damage is seen the toy should then be discarded.