Bucktons Budgie Feed Mix 500g

£3.07 61p per 100g
1 Month Supply*
*1 month supply of seed based on a pair of budgies.

What is Spirulina?
Spirulina is the original superfood and if nature were to make a multivitamin, Spirulina would be it! Our Bucktons Spirulina Vitamin Pellets have been carefully developed to enhance plumage, as well as support healthy immune and digestive functions, benefiting your birds overall health. The pellets are enriched with calcium and a variety of vitamins and minerals to help keep your bird happy and healthy.

Caring for your Budgie
We need plenty of room to extend our wings fully, so make sure our movement in the cage is not restricted by too many toys.
We're thirsty birds! Make sure our water is always topped up.
Our cages, feeders, perches and toys should be cleaned weekly, ideally with a mild detergent and always rinsed thoroughly.
We love to relax and watch TV with you after a long day!

Key Benefits

Colourful Companions, Superfood Vitamin Pellet, Added Variety for Stimulation & Enrichment, Vitamin A & E for all round health, Calcium for strong beaks & bones, Aids Digestive Systems & Immunity for good health, Enhances Plumage for richer, more vibrant colours, Antioxidant to support the immune system

Product Information

For further information on our products and general care advice, please visit our 'healthy and happy' section of our website: www.bucktons.co.uk/happyandhealthytogether

Recommended for

A complementary food for budgies, cockatiels, parakeets and finches.


Yellow Millet, Black Millet, Canary Seed, Pellet (6%) (Wheat Flour, Vitamins & Minerals Premix, Spirulina (0.012%)), Naked Oats, Carrot Granules, Vegetable Oil


Typical ValuesAnalytical Constituents
Crude Fibre9%
Oils & Fats4%
Crude Ash3%
Colourants, Antioxidants


Feeding Recommendation
Provide your Budgie with 8g of seed each day, but remember to remove the empty husks from the food bowls and feed alongside a selection of fresh fruit, vegetables and cuttlebone. Birds need time to become familiar with new foods, so always introduce new food over a few days. Fresh, clean water should always be available.

Feeding Guide

Provide your budgie with 8g of seed each day, but remember to remove the empty husks from the food bowls and feed alongside a selection of fresh fruit and veg.

Safety Advice

Not for human consumption.
Keep packaging away from children to avoid suffocation.

Storage Information

Not for human consumption. Store in a cool dry place.