Catit Divine Shreds Tuna Multipack Wet Cat Food 75g

£12.99 £17.32 per 100g
An all-natural wet food that ensures your cat gets the best food to support their health. Tickle your cat's tastebuds with this premium cat food in a rich, tasty broth, made with only 4 pure, high-quality ingredients!

Key Benefits

100% All Natural Ingredients 
Rich in Protein
No artificial flavours or preservatives 
Low in Calories
Contains 4 pure, high-quality ingredients
Grain Free 
Helps support your cat's health

Product Information

Natural pure ingredients - so you know exactly what you are feeding your cat
Rich in Protein - Helps to keep your little carnivore in shape!
No artificial flavours or preservatives - Free from genetically modified ingredients that don't need to be there
Low in Calories - Makes for a healthy cat food or treat
Grain Free - Helps digestion for your cat

Recommended for

Suitable for cats of all ages and life stages


Tuna with Seabream & Wakame - Composition: Tuna (33%), Seabream (4%), Dried Kelp (4%), Tuna with Prawns & Pumpkin - Composition: Tuna (33%), Prawn (4%), Pumpkin (4%), Tuna with Shirasu & Sweet Potato - Composition: Tuna (33%), Shirasu (4%), Sweet Potato (4%), Tuna with Chicken & Wakame - Composition: Tuna (33%), Chicken (4%), Wakame (4%)


Tuna with Seabream & Wakame - Protein: 10.3%, Fat Content: 0.2%, Crude Fibres: 0.01%, Moisture: 91.2%
Crude Ash: 1.15%, Tuna with Prawns & Pumpkin -Protein: 10.3%, Fat Content: 0.18%, Crude Fibres: 0.04, Moisture: 84.9%, Crude Ash: 0.9%, Tuna with Shirasu & Sweet Potato - Protein: 10.3%, Fat Content: 0.18%, Crude Fibres: 0.13%, Moisture: 86.0%, Crude Ash: 1.2%, Tuna with Chicken & Wakame - Protein: 10.6%, Fat Content: 0.18%, Crude Fibres: 0.01%, Moisture: 90.0%, Crude Ash: 1.2%


If introducing your cat for the first time, add a small quantity to your cat's food so they can get used to the taste. You can include Divine Shreds as a topper for dry food or they can be used as a wet food or treat.

Feeding Guide

This food is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. Feed up to 2 pouches per day along with a quality wet or dry food as part of a well balanced and varied diet

Storage Information

Serve at room temperature and refrigerate unused portion