Catit Magic Blue Cat Litter Odour Reducing Cartridge

Catit Magic Blue Cartridges absorb and retain up to 80% of ammonia, great for purifying the air in your litter box, significantly reducing the foul smells and the risk of ammonia affecting those around you! The Magic Blue Cartridge is a reusable plastic holder that fits every litter box. It has a cat-proof lock and comes with a handy docking station with adhesive sticker.

Key Benefits

Locks in ammonia
Purifies air
Decreases bad smells
Protects ammonia from harming your health


Fits every litter box:

1. Place two pads into the holder.
2. Put the sticker on the docking station and peel off the remaining paper.
3. Attach the docking station to the top of the litter box interior.
4. Insert the holder into the docking station.

Size Guide

Contains 1 x air purifier and 2 x Catit Magic Blue filter pads, enough for up to 1 month.


Made of BPA-free materials