Catsan Hygiene Non-Clumping Odour Control Cat Litter 5L 5l

£3.99 80p per litre
Catsan™ Litter Triple Odour Protection:
Absorbs liquids rapidly
Locks moisture inside granule
Stops odours with mineral shield

Catsan™ litter - For the beautiful feeling of being home.
Cats love cleanliness and freshness and that's why cats love Catsan™ litter. With Catsan™ litter you care for your cat's natural needs and provide them with a litter box that's always clean and hygienic. Catsan™ Hygiene plus litter is made from selected natural ingredients with no bleach nor scent. It is suitable for all lifestages and safe also for kittens.

Key Benefits

Non clumping litter, Absorbs before odour develops, 100% natural litter, Suitable also for kittens, This odour control cat litter is highly absorbent, acting like a sponge to lock in liquid, It is recommended that owners remove the solid faeces daily and replace the cat litter once a week for continued odour control and the fresh, clean environment your cat loves, Catsan Hygiene Plus has very low dust development when poured out of the easy-open-bag

Product Information

CATSAN Hygiene Plus non clumping mineral cat litter

Stops unpleasant odours before they develop

Catsan cat litter is extremely low dust

Cat litter is suitable for adult cats and kittens

Does not contain any artificial additives


Usage Instructions:
Open the bag at the easy-open-spout. Fill the litter box with min 5cm of Catsan™ litter. Remove the solid waste every day and change the litter completely on a regular basis. If you have under-floor heating make sure to put insulating material under the litter box.