Ceva Logic Dog Dental Chews Small Dog 25 Chews Dog Treats 279g

£11.69 £4.19 per 100g
Logic Orozyme Chews are an easy and tasty way to keep your pet's mouth smiling.

Key Benefits

Logic Chews assist in the removal and build up of plaque as well as leaving your pet's breath fresh and clean. The added bonus of lactoferrin and lactoperoxidase within the chews helps promote and enhance the mouths natural defences.

Product Information

The Logic Chews are made from collagen which is a substance that naturally enhances the mechanical action of chewing on the teeth and gums to aid in the removal of plaque.
Small 1-10kg

Feeding Guide

Order the size appropriate for your pets weight. Give 1 chew daily.

Small dogs < 10 Kg; Small chews.
Medium dogs 10 - 30 Kg; Medium chews.
Large dogs > 30 Kg; Large chews.