CJ Wildlife Squirrel Resistant Wild Bird Peanut Feeder


This Peanut Feeder is made from a strong metal and has a robust outer protective mesh to stop larger birds and squirrels from entering whilst smaller birds fly through the outer mesh and feed from the inner mesh. When large birds and squirrels try to sit on this feeder, it swings freely on the handle, making it difficult for them to feed.

Key Benefits

This product will allow all the smaller birds to enter up to Nuthatch size, but will resist the larger birds and squirrels.

Recommended for

This feeder can be used for feeding peanuts and standard size suet pellets.


Open the lid at the top and fill the feeder with seed. Hang the feeder from a bracket, feeding station or tree.

Size Guide

Height: 20.5cm
Diameter: 22cm


Made of metal.