CJ Wildlife Wooden Wild Bird Peanut Butter Pot Feeder


This attractive, wooden Peanut Feeder with a green roof is designed to hold any jar of CJ Wildlife Peanut Butter.

Key Benefits

This product contains a catch to hold the jar securely in the feeder. It has a hole at the back so that it is easy to fit to a wall or tree.

Product Information

This feeder will hold any CJ Wildlife Peanut Butter, which is a clean and efficient way to feed the birds as you simply remove the lid from the jar, and place the jar in the holder.

Recommended for

Feeding wild birds Peanut Butter. This will be used by most common garden species.


Unscrew the lid from the jar and place the jar in the holder. Then, lift the wooden catch to hold the jar in place.


Made from FSC Pine.

Safety Advice

Do not use human Peanut Butter with this product as birds cannot tolerate salt. Use peanut butter which is specifically designed for birds.