Does my dog need a coat?

A helpful guide to finding suitable dog jackets for winter

Before choosing a winter coat for your dog, you'll need to decide why your dog needs one. Many dogs have an easy time staying warm during the winter, whilst others need a little extra help. A key indicator is your dog's age - are they very old or very young? Both will be susceptible to feeling the cold and may need a dog winter coat to get them through the colder months.

When browsing through dog coats, think about what you want to achieve: do you want to keep your dog warm, dry or both? Does the shape of your dog mean they need support when they run? Does your dog love to play in the mud?

Type of Coat


Short haired, tiny dogs and naturally slender breeds without enough fat to keep them warm, such as greyhounds, can often benefit from dog coats and dog jumpers to keep them warm and dry during winter.

If your dog has thick fur, they may not need extra layers this winter. However, even if your dog may not need a coat to keep warm, it may be helpful for your dog to have some form of pet apparel to keep them dry. A simple raincoat should be all you need here - especially one with reflective stitching that will help you spot your dog as the nights get longer.

Considering Activities


Look at the shape of your dog and think about their favourite activities. Are their legs short? If so, perhaps a coat with a chest plate would be the best choice. Does your dog run through long grass and muddy puddles? An all-over suit and dog boots might be clever options in this case!

Finding the Perfect Fit


The third thing to take into account is finding the correct fit for your dog; too tight and the coat may rub and cause discomfort, too loose and the coat may twist and become a trip hazard. To measure your dog, start by measuring them from the shoulder blades to the base of the tail. You should also measure around the dog at the fattest part of their chest and the narrowest part of their waist to be sure you can find a dog coat that fits around their body comfortably. Also measure around your dog's neck. Different companies use different measurements so writing your dog's measurements down and keeping them handy will help as you search for a suitable dog winter coat.

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