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Prep your pet for an awesome summer

Summer is only a bone’s throw away and it's the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your pet. Whether you're looking for the essentials or you’re on the hunt for something more playful, we’ve got everything that you need to have fun in the sun with your furry friend. Eye up our summer shop below.

Fetch Picks

The first rule of any summer in the sun with your pet is to keep them hydrated. Whether the sun is shining and you’re taking those paws outdoors or the clouds are out and you’re having an indoor play date, your furry friend should always have access to fresh, clean drinking water. From simple bowls to fancy fountains, we have the perfect hydrators for your pet to drink from.


What’s a summer’s day without a picnic? Let your four-legged friend in on the fun with our pet-friendly treats and sweets, and say cheers to the summer with alcohol-free ‘wine’ that is sure to get their taste buds tingling. Not forgetting your small furries, explore human-like treats such as corn on the cob, and even please the wildlife in your garden with our selection of peanut delights.


As much as we love a heatwave (a definite rarity here in the UK), our furry friends might not be so keen. Purposely made to cool your pet down, explore our collection of refreshing bedding and comfortable clothing, as well as fun-loving water guns and toys. We even have a range of trusty thermometers to monitor the temperature of your fish tank throughout the summer.


The summer can bring out the most wonderful of scents… and sometimes your pet can bring home the worst. Eliminate those pesky smells with our range of air fresheners and candles, as well as scented cat litter and poop bags. Our shampoos can even clean up the muckiest of pets, ranging from kiwi to coconut. Stuck for time? Spruce up their fur with our refreshing body sprays.


When the sun is shining, there’s only one place that we want to be with our pet – outside! Master the game of fetch with our collection of sports toys, ranging from football and rugby to tennis and frisbee. Keep your cat entertained with our clever hunting circuits and your small furries active with our selection of miniature exercise equipment, including hamster balls and climbing towers.


Whether you’re driving your pet to the local park or your holiday destination (meaning they’re in for the long haul), get your pet from A to B with our travel essentials, including car restraints and carriers, water bowls and bottles, and even dog-friendly sunscreen wipes. Taking your fish on your travels is not so practical; try our feeding blocks to keep your fish content whilst you’re away.


Fleas, ticks, and worms are a serious pain in the backside (literally). To lend a helping paw, we’ve put together our best parasite protection and prevention products, along with combs to regularly check your furry friends for pests. It's important to break the lifecycle of fleas by treating your home (but never your pet) with household sprays, flea bombs and foggers.


Playing with your pet around-the-clock would be the ideal way to spend a lazy summer’s day, right? But when the hecticness of everyday life takes over, we’ve got the perfect pick of playmates for your pet to keep them entertained. Explore our fun-loving collection of toys & games, including catnip cuddlies and scratching posts for your feline friends, as well as bubble guns and chewy bones for your canine companions.