Earth Rated Poop Bag Dispenser inc 15 Unscented Bags


This Earth Rated poop bag dispenser includes 15 unscented bags.

A convenient holder for Earth Rated bags, this dispenser also fits all standard-sized rolls. The adjustable strap can be sized to fit any lead. 

The hook on the back holds your used poop bags until you can properly dispose of mess. And the screw-on dispenser top keeps bags secured - so you don't drop anything!

Earth Rated poop bags are also available for refill. 

Quantity: 15

Key Benefits

Adjustable strap to fit any style leash

Convenient hook holds used poop bags for you

Perfect for walking, jogging or hiking with your pup

Durable because we know dogs

Pairs perfectly with our refill rolls

Product Information

Leash dispenser with 15 unscented bags 


Insert hand in bag, pick up mess. Turn bag inside out and secure with a knot at the top of bag. 

Size Guide

L23 x W33cm


Earth Rated dog waste bags are made with EPI additive technology which helps them break down.

Care & Use

Use as needed to clean and dispose of pet mess