Earth Rated Poop Bags 120 Unscented Tie Handle Bags 120 per pack

£5.64 5p each
Easy open handle bags with a handy opening in the back of the box that allows you to grab one bag at a time. 

The bags come with convenient extra wide handles for easy-tying and disposal.

Quantity: 120

Key Benefits

Convenient handles for easy-tying

100% Leak-Proof Guarantee

Extra-wide bags, great for cat litter scoops

Dispenses single bags directly from the box«

Our top pick for anyone who struggles with opening bags

Product Information

120 Lavender-scented handle bags that dispense directly from the box


Insert hand in bag, pick up mess. Turn bag inside out and secure with a knot at the top of bag. 

Size Guide

Extra wide bags measure 18 x 34 cm 


Earth Rated dog waste bags are made with EPI additive technology which helps them break down.

Care & Use

Use as needed to clean and dispose of pet mess

Safety Advice

Easy-tie: 120 dog bags for poop with handles to make tying the knot easier on everyone

Storage Information

Poop doesn't smell like roses: Our odour blocking lavender scent locks in that smell for good