Earthbound Tweed Herringbone Dog Lead Large

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The lead range is handcrafted with a focus on style, strength and comfort for your pet. The majority of our leads are uniquely designed and aligned to our bed and cushion ranges, making them the perfect gift to accompany any purchase.

Size Guide

Lead Length: 100 x 2.5cm


The Tweed lead is made to complement our Tweed collection. It is made from our tweed fabric with extremely soft and long lasting suede leather on the inside of the handle.

Safety Advice

If you're often road walking, then a fixed length lead is recommended to help keep your dog close by. However, if you're not but your dog isn't so responsive to recall, then a retractable lead is best for you.

As a general rule, keep your dog on a lead if you cannot rely on its obedience. On a bridleway or byway, this is especially important as you may meet horses or other dogs.