Ever Clean Clumping Cat Litter Spring Garden 10l

£17.40 £1.74 per litre
Ever Clean® Spring Garden scented cat litter with paw activated fragrance releases a light, fresh floral scent when the cat litter tray is in use. Made with superior clumping clay, it traps, locks and eliminates odour from urine and faeces through activated carbon technology. The spring scent that is inspired by nature will keep your home and your litter tray fresh. Create an environment of wellbeing for your cat with Ever Clean® Spring Garden scented clumping cat litter.
*Based on laboratory results (Average daily urine volume for average size domestic cats)

Key Benefits

Highly Absorbent Clumping Cat Litter: Specially formulated clumping cat litter that prevents liquid waste from reaching the bottom of the litter tray where odours can form
Fresh Floral Scent: fresh fragrance inspired by nature for cats 
Proprietary Activated Carbon Technology: traps and locks in odour rather than masking it, eliminating urine, faecal and ammonia odour on contact
Paw Activated Freshness: only releases fresh scent when the litter box is in use

Recommended for

Cats, Clumping Cat Litter


Fill litter box with 7cm of Ever Clean. An average litter box requires 5L volume. Scoop out clumps of waste, the rest of the litter stays fresh.  Dispose of waste with household refuse. Do not flush in the toilet. Simply add more Ever Clean to replace what you scoop out.

Safety Advice

As with all cat litters, it is recommended that pregnant women and immunosuppressed persons avoid contact with soiled litter due to the risk of toxoplasmosis.