Exo Terra Dragon Adult Bearded Dragon 125g

Exo Terra Dragon Grub is an enticing insect-based reptile food, specifically formulated for insect-eating adult reptiles.

Key Benefits

The diet also consists of natural plant and fruit ingredients, with added minerals, vitamins and other trace nutrients to help ensure your reptiles receive a healthy diet.

Product Information

Dragon Grub uses highly palatable and digestible Black Soldier Fly larvae, which are high-protein and nutrient-rich insects with an ideal Calcium:Phosphorus ratio.

Recommended for

Exo Terra Dragon Grub is a nutritious daily food for adult agamid lizards, such as bearded dragons, and many other insect-eating reptiles.

Feeding Guide

Feed every morning slightly more food than one Bearded Dragon can eat in a day, and allow easy access. Remove any uneaten food and clean the dish at the end of each day. Provide a separate feeding and drinking station for each individual animal housed in the same enclosure.
Have fresh and clean water available at all times.