For All Dogkind Tear Cleaner for Stained Skin & Coats 118ml

£10.23 87p per 10ml
Topical cleaner for Tear & saliva stained fur

Key Benefits

With aloe vera, cucumber and watercress
Naturally derived ingredients, pH balanced 
Veterinarian formulated

Product Information

DELICATE blend of antibacterial ingredients removes unsightly tear and saliva stains with cucumber to brighten and aloe vera to soothe & protect, leaving eyes and fur healthy & irritation free.

Recommended for

Stained fur


DIRECTIONS: (For use on dogs & cats over 12 weeks of age)
Moisten a cotton pad with tear cleaner and gently wipe over the area of stained fur, being careful around the delicate eye and mouth area. Rinse the area with water to remove any residue. Use daily until the stains have subsided and after to prevent reoccurrence. For best results use after bathing in Simply Calming shampoo.

Storage Information

Keep away from direct sunlight and heat