Good Boy Fresh Breath Flavour Rolls Dog Treats 5 per pack

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£2.13 43p each
Making dogs' tails waggle is second nature at Good Boy pawsley & co. We produce really exciting, yummy chews to keep your dog happy as well as entertained.

Made with 100% hide and basted with white mint flavouring, these Fresh Breath Rolls are sure to become one of your dog's favourite chews.

What's more, the chewy texture of the rawhide makes these chews great for your dog's dental hygiene. Its simple really, all dogs like to chew - it's a natural instinct. Chewing can not only provide your dog with stimulation but more importantly it may help reduce the risk of gum disease and tooth loss by help keep your dog's jaws strong and teeth clean.

What's not to love?

Key Benefits

White mint flavour; A perfect treat to keep your dog busy for a while.

Product Information

  • Rawhide Chews for Dogs.
  • White mint flavour for fresher breath.
  • Promotes healthy teeth and gums.
  • Helps fight plaque & tartar.
Good Boy Fresh Breath Rolls are a natural treat for your dog. Whilst enjoying a tasty treat, the chewing action actively helps to prevent the build up of tartar on the teeth and strengthen the gums; thus improving the overall dental health of your dog.

Recommended for

Dogs over 12 months


Rawhide, Coloured with EC Permitted Food Colourants and Flavourings


Made from porkhide, this product is a chewing aid. Make sure this chew is given to your dog under supervision, on a non stainable surface. Check that your dog has plenty of clean, fresh water - just in case they get really thirsty.

Feeding Guide

Feed as a treat, reward or training aid.

Always ensure there is a bowl of clean, fresh water available. It is recommended that pets are supervised when feeding. Chews should be given on non-stainable surfaces.

Storage Information

To keep this treat in tip top condition, store somewhere cool and dry.