Halti Black Dog Walking Harness

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The HALTI Walking Harness is the perfect combination of style and practicality for everyday walking. With five points of adjustment on the harness, it ensures a secure, comfortable fit for any size or shape of dog. The two lead clip rings on the dog's chest and back provide essential points of control for the more energetic dog.

Key Benefits

  • The HALTI Walking Harness offers style and practicality.
  • With two lead clip rings on the dog's chest and back, it provides optimum control for even the most enthusiastic dog.
  • Reflective 3M strip for walking visibility in all conditions.
  • Two lead points for maximum control.
  • Five points of adjustment for optimum fit and comfort for your dog.
  • Close control handle for instant restraint.

Product Information

The HALTI Walking Range boasts the same quality and expert design that our customers have come to expect from The Company of Animals, the makers of the world-famous HALTI Headcollar. Bringing together style and functionality, the range comes in four vibrant colours with a smart, two-tone webbing.

Size Guide

SizeChest SizeBreed Guide*
XS35-48cmMini Dachshund / Papillon / Toy Poodle / Yorkshire Terrier
S43-60cmPekingese / Maltese / Mini Poodle / Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
M56-76cmWestie / Beagle / Bedlington Terrier / Sheltie / Welsh Terrier
L68-100cmGerman Shepherd / Saluki / Airedale / Bassett Hound / Border Collie / Old English Sheepdog / Doberman / Greyhound / Pointer / Akita / Labrador / Dalmatian / Staffie / Boxer / Retriever / Ridgeback / Bernese / Shar Pei / Rottweiler / Husky / Malamute / Weimaraner / Giant Schnauzer

*Guide only; we recommend you measure your dog before purchasing a harness, to ensure the correct fit.