Hill's Prescription Diet u/d Urinary Care Original Wet Dog Food 12 x 370g

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This is a specialist veterinary product. We will ask you a simple set of questions to confirm that you are buying the correct medicine for your pet and know how to use it safely

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Prescription Diet u/d Canine is specially formulated for reduction of oxalate, urate and cystine stones and to support renal function in cases of chronic renal insufficiency in dogs.

Key Benefits

For dogs with urate, calcium oxalate and cystine bladder stones:
  • Reduced protein and calcium to reduce the urinary building blocks of urate, calcium oxalate and cystine crystals and bladder stones.
  • Targets an alkaline pH to discourage the formation of urate, calcium oxalate and cystine crystals.
  • High Vitamin E and Beta-carotene to neutralise free radicals to help combat urolithiasis.

For dogs with chronic kidney disease (advanced stages):
  • High quality and reduced protein to reduce workload on the kidneys.
  • Reduced phosphorus to slow the progression of kidney disease.
  • Reduced sodium to help slow the progression of kidney disease and limit fluid build up in early heart disease.
  • Increased Vitamin B to combat losses which may occur during kidney disease.

Product Information

Recommended for:
Dissolution of urate and cystine uroliths
Reduction of urate, oxalate and cystine uroliths formation
Chronic kidney disease - advanced (IRIS stage 4) and for hepatic copper storage disease

Not recommended for:
Dogs with struvite urolithiasis; for the first 1-2 weeks after surgery, or for dogs with hypoalbuminaemia, hyperlipidaemia or pancreatitis, or with a history of, or at risk of, pancreatitis.

Prescription Veterinary Diets are only to be used under the direct recommendation and care of a veterinary surgeon.
Any pet being fed a Prescription Veterinary Diet should be assessed by their vet at least every 6 months to ensure it continues to meet their nutritional needs.
Should your pet's health deteriorate in any way on starting a Prescription Diet seek veterinary advice immediately.
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Recommended for

  • Dissolution of urate and cystine uroliths
  • Reduction of urate, oxalate and cystine uroliths formation
  • Chronic kidney disease - advanced (IRIS stage 4)
  • Hepatic copper storage disease


Original: Maize starch, dried egg, animal fat, pork liver, various sugars, rice, minerals, cellulose, flaxseed, trace elements and vitamins.


Dry Matter: Protein 10.90%, Fat 20.50%, Carbohydrate (NFE) 63%, Fibre (crude) 2.60%, Moisture -, Calcium 0.29%, Phosphorus 0.20%, Sodium 0.24%, Potassium 0.62%, Magnesium 0.05%, Chloride 0.60%, Sulphur 0.24%, Hydroxyproline 0%, Copper 2.4 mg/kg, Sulphur amino acids 0.57%, Omega-3 fatty acids 0.62%, Omega-6 fatty acids 3.27%, Taurine 0.10%, L-Carnitine 335 mg/kg, Vitamin A 13838 IU/kg, Vitamin D 703 IU/kg, Vitamin E 649 mg/kg, Beta-carotene 1.60 mg/kg.

Feeding Guide

Body Weight kg            Dry grams

2.5kg                               45 - 65

5kg                                   80 - 110

10kg                               130 - 185

20kg                               220 - 305

30kg                               300 - 415

40kg                               375 - 515

50kg                               440 - 610

60kg +                         9 - 11 per kg

Size Guide

12 x 370g

Safety Advice

Fresh drinking water should be available to your pet at all times.