Hollings Filled Dog Bone, Pork & Apple Dog Treat

Hollings Filled Bone Pork & Apple Dog Chews are quality air dried treats for dogs filled with a 100% natural venison flavoured meat filling, sourced locally from British bones and manufactured in our own factory. The venison filling can tempt any dog into giving these bones a good chew and nibble which can help rub plaque and tartar off their pearly whites.

Key Benefits

  • Bone filled with pork flavour and apple
  • Provides hours of play and chewing for all dog breeds preventing boredom
  • Helps clean teeth and gums
  • 100% natural

Product Information

Holling's quality natural air dried treats are 100% natural and made from the highest quality ingredients. They are suitable as a treat, a reward or as a training aid for dogs of all ages and sizes.


Supervision of your pet is recommended. Preferably feed in a stain-resistant and easy-to-clean area. Fresh drinking water should always be available for your dog.

Feeding Guide

This delicious treat can be given at any time of the day; it is perfect to use as a reward or just as a healthy snack!

Size Guide

10cm long approx.