Honeyfield's Robin Wild Bird Food 25% Extra Free 5kg

£17.23 £3.45 per kg
Honeyfield's Robin Wild Bird Food will attract a wide variety of birds however it is especially popular with Robins, Long Tailed Tits and Chaffinches. 

Key Benefits

Made from ingredients sourced from Fair to Nature Farms 
Made in the UK

Product Information

Honeyfield's Robin is specially formulated for ground feeding birds and contains mealworms which Robins love. 

Recommended for

Honeyfield's Robin Wild Bird Food is suitable for all wild birds. 


Cut Maize, Pinhead Oats, Peeled Oats, Red Millet, Kibbled Sunflower Hearts, Suet Pellet and Mealworms 


Birds will come to depend on the food you put out, so try to feed regularly all year round. Consider a variety of foods and feeding methods as birds have differing feeding needs. Hanging feeders and bird tables are ideal options. Ensure feeding stations are cleaned regularly ideally using an appropriate disinfectant.

Feeding Guide

Only put out as much food as will be consumed in one or two days and replace any wet or old food promptly. Have fresh drinking water available at all times.

Storage Information

Store in a cool dry place.