Hugo & Hudson Reversible Green Dog Puffer Jacket

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Our reversible dog Puffer Jackets are practical and stylish. They are water repellent and filled with a high quality stuffing, making them super warm and cosy.

These jackets come in 9 sizes and a range of colours with our signature navy which can be worn inside or out. They have a zip fastening and can be easily machine washed.


Always measure your dog before choosing which size harness to select. Please see additional image for further guidance on how to measure your dog.

A = Backlength
B = Chest
C = Neck

Size Guide

Jacket SizeABC
XS2522-25 cm
36-38 cm
27-30 cm
XS3027-30 cm43-45 cm30-33 cm
S3027-30 cm57-59 cm46-50 cm
S3532-35 cm45-47 cm31-36 cm
M4038-40 cm63-66 cm39-42 cm
M4542-45 cm62-64 cm35-38 cm
M4744-47 cm69-72 cm41-44 cm
M5045-50 cm76-78 cm55-60 cm
L5552-55 cm77-79 cm50-55 cm


100% Nylon.

Care & Use

Machine wash cold, air dry.