Hunter Adjustable Dog Bowl Stand

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This dog bowl stand with stainless steel bowls is perfect for large breed dogs and senior dogs.

Product Information

The stand is fully adjustable and allows you to raise the bowl to a comfortable height so that your dog can enjoy mealtimes without having to stoop down. Larger dogs or those suffering with painful joints and discs will appreciate the raised height when eating and drinking.

It's also perfect for dogs with long ears as the raised bowl means that your dog does not have to dip its head towards the bowl, and its ears do not fall into the food. The correct feeding bowl height helps to prevent your dog from gobbling and getting hiccups and it is great for puppies as it can be adjusted to a suitable height when your dog is very little and then "grow" with your dog, so that the correct height is always maintained.

Size Guide

Maximum height of 35cm

Care & Use

Clean with a damp cloth and a food safe stainless steel cleanser; prevent the build-up of limescale by drying and polishing with a microfiber cloth