Hunter ALU Strong Softie Raspberry Dog Collar Small

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The HUNTER Softie dog collar series brings together simplicity and elegance. The contemporary collars and leashes are impressive, thanks to the visibly beautiful art nubuck leather, which is very hard-wearing and easy to clean.

Softie collars with ALU Strong clasp are new to the range and are a real innovation. These perfectly combine comfort and safety for the dog and the owner!

Key Benefits

HUNTER products made from faux leather are extremely soft and are therefore comfortable to hold. Faux leather can be wiped clean and is water-repellent, as well as heat- and cold- resistant.

Product Information

HUNTER is a traditional, family-owned enterprise, which has specialised in manufacturing high-quality accessories for dogs, cats and horses since its foundation in 1980.

The product range currently includes 5,500 different items ranging from collars, harnesses and leashes, as well as halters and bridles from different materials, to trendy and functional dog clothing, pillows and beds, as well as care products and toiletries, innovative toys and snacks.


Start by measuring the base of your dog's neck with a tape measure. To ensure your dog's collar is the perfect fit, you should be able to fit two fingers between the collar and your dog's neck, providing this doesn't mean they can slip out of it.

If you are buying for a puppy, always go a size up so that they can grow into their collar.

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Faux Leather, Aluminium