Intersand Odourlock Clumping Cat Litter 12kg

£15.79 £1.32 per kg

Intersand Odourlock Cat Litter neutralises unpleasant odours for up to 40 days! Its patented technology blocks the formation of ammonia, which causes unpleasant odours. Ultra-fast clumping makes it easy to scoop and reduces the amount of litter used, cuttings down on waste AND reduces annual litter use by over 45%.

Odourlock is 99.9% dust-free, which is better for your and your cat's respiratory systems. Leaves no tracking, so your home will stay clean all the time. Made with 100% pure, natural clay, recognised worldwide for its high quality. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Key Benefits

Unparalleled 40 day odour control
Excellent absorption rate
Amazingly low dust, virtually no tracking
Gentle and comfortable for your cat
Ultra fast clumping so it is easy to scoop and clean


Fill the box with 8 - 10 cm of litter.  Remove clumps on a daily basis and add litter to the box as needed.

Size Guide

Pack Size: 12kg