Jackson Galaxy Ground Wand With Iguana Cat Toy


Ground Prey Wand Toy for Cats that like to hunt on the ground. Featuring the ground prey iguana toy.

Key Benefits

Regular use builds a cat's confidence by allowing them to engage in natural behaviour.

Product Information

Gets your frisky feline pouncing after the crawling ground toy. Features a telescoping wand with a ground toy that's detachable and interchangeable! Daily play with the Galaxy Wand will get your cat's mojo running! Designed to engage your frisky feline in some prowling and pouncing fun. Wand extends to 81cm Attach ground prey toy to wand and slide and slink along the ground to mimic the hunt for ground-based prey. Retractable cord with swivel connection prevents tangles.

Recommended for

Designed for cats with ground prey pursuit interests.


Guide the iguana toy so it behaves like prey: slowly, then fast, around walls, under blankets.

Use Jackson's "boil & simmer" method to give your cat a great play session: allow them to rest between more intense bouts of pouncing.
End your play session with a serving of food to mimic 'the raw cat' routine: hunt, catch, kill, then eat.

Your cat will usually follow this with two more natural activities: grooming, and sleeping.

Size Guide

Dimensions: 25 x 10 x 2 cm


Plastic, wire and TPR

Care & Use

Wash after use in warm water and mild detergent.

Safety Advice

Please do not leave unsupervised with your pet.

Caution: Proper supervision is advised when playing with all toys to ensure no accidental swallowing. This toy should be regularly inspected to ensure there is no damage. If any damage is seen the toy should then be discarded.

Storage Information

Collapse the wand and store the cable after use.