Kagesan Sand Sheets No.7

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The convenient and hygienic way to keep your budgie's or canary's cage clean and tidy. Just remove the used sand sheet and replace with a new Kagesan Sanded Sheet twice a week. For complete cage hygiene wipe over the cage tray and thoroughly clean the feeders, perches and cage accessories once a week. Kagesan sandsheets are cut to a size to fit the more common cage. It may be necessary to trim the sheet down to fit your own cage.

Key Benefits

  • Ideal for lining the base of bird cage
  • Easy to fit and remove
  • Can be cut to size


Handy Hints for Healthy Budgies
Budgies are hardy and can live for up to 10 years if properly cared for and fed good quality food. Budgies can be sexed by looking at the coloured skin around the nostrils, which are set at the base of the beak. This skin, called the cere, is blue cocks and brown in hens.

Budgies remove the husks from the seeds and only eat the kernels. The husks accumulate on top of the seeds, these should be blown from the seed container each day. Fresh drinking water must always be available. Water is also needed by budgies to aid preening. Budgies live in large flocks in the wild, therefore a single caged bird will get bored.

Talk to your budgie every day.
Give your budgie toys such as mirrors and ladders and plenty of exercise.

Choose a cage that is easy to clean and large enough to allow the bird to spread its wings. Avoid standing the cage in direct sunlight or draughts. Budgies eat seeds and greenfoods. The main diet should consist of a vitamin and mineral enriched seed mixture plus lettuce, groundsel, chickweed or dandelion. Try pieces of orange, grated carrot or apple for variety with millet sprays.

Sick budgies will sit quietly on the perch with ruffled feathers. They often appear excessively sleepy with their head tucked under the wing.
These hints have been complied by our own consultant vet. If you are worried about your budgie consult a vet without delay.

Cuttlefish bone is useful for keeping your budgie's beak in trim, and provides calcium for strong bones. Sanded perch covers make your bird's perch easy to grip. They are designed to keep feet clean and nails trim.

Size Guide

Pack contains 6 sanded sheets
Size - 55 x 30cm