King British Green Water Control For Ponds 250ml

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Clears green water fast and helps to maximise oxygen availability for a sparkling clear pond. Targets the tiny unicellular algae in ponds and binds them into biodegradable clumps that sink to the bottom of the pond. These clumps can then be easily removed using a net or pond vacuum. If left they can deplete the oxygen in the water and stimulate new algae growth. Harmless to all pond fish, plants and other wildlife. 250ml treats up to 2,250 litres (500 gallons).

Key Benefits

- Pond water treatment
- Clears green water fast
- Helps maximise oxygen availability
- For a sparkling clear pond
- Easy-to-use

Recommended for

Harmless to all pond fish, plants and other wildlife


Contains Synthetic organic polymer 10% w/w.


Shake bottle well before use, and read the instructions fully. Carefully calculate the volume of water to be treated, making adequate allowance for the displacement of water by plant shelves. Remove the cap and foil from the dosage chamber. Gently squeeze the bottle until you have the required volume in the chamber. Use 10ml of product per 90 litres (20 gallons) of water. Dilute the product in a bucket or watering can containing some of your pond water, making sure that the bucket or watering can has been thoroughly washed and is free from any contaminates beforehand. Using the bucket or watering can, pour the solution evenly around the pond. Continue filtration during treatment but remove any carbon or UV filtration from the filter during the four days following treatment. Increase aeration during use. Remove dead algae from bottom of the pond and clean out filter after use. Repeat treatment process at 14 day intervals while problem persists. After problem has been terminated a 10% water change and the renewal of the carbon filter is recommended.

Storage Information

Do not store above 25°C. Do not store near food or drink.