Komodo Advanced Heat Mat 7w


Komodo Advanced Heat Mats are made in the UK to the highest safety standards and are an excellent source of 24-hour heat to thoroughly warm a reptile from scale to bone.

Key Benefits

Ideal for providing gentle heat for species that don’t need high temperatures

Great for providing cooler night-time temperatures

Heat mats emit no light so ideal for vivariums in bedrooms

Available in a wide range of sizes suitable for most enclosures

Complete with a two year guarantee

Product Information

Advanced Heat Mats can be used as the sole source of heat for some reptile species, or in conjunction with another heat source, such as a Ceramic Heat Emitter in Black or White, for reptiles that prefer higher temperatures.


Place the heat mat into your preferred position within the terrarium ( back wall, side wall or ceiling ) * the komodo heat mat is suitable for most enclosures, terrariums or vivariums only. * can not to be used for floors

Size Guide

Approx Size - 410mm x 274mm

Safety Advice

Komodo recommend that the advanced heat mat range should be used in conjunction with an appropiate thermostat. When using a thermostat with a heat mat, please make sure that the probe is in contact with the heat mat at all times.