Komodo Compact Lamp UVB 5% ES 15w


Komodo Forest Compact UVB Lamp 15w

Forest Sunlight 5% UVB Tube for forest and shade reptile species.

Key Benefits

For reptiles requiring moderate levels of UVB

High output of UVA rays promotes vision, appetite and the immune system

UVB enables production of vitamin D3 for healthy bones

Bright, cool, white light output with excellent colour rendition

Compact design saves space and energy, use horizontally

Energy & light efficient, less power demand than tubes

E27 screw cap fitting, no ballast required

Product Information

UVB for Small Vivariums

Compact lamps are the ideal for use in small enclosures up to around 600mm/2ft in length.

Requiring no external ballast electronics, these lamps can be fitted into regular screw fit lamp holders. They are energy efficient too, emitting very little heat and use less power than UVB tubes.

Recommended for

For forest and shade reptile species requiring moderate levels of UVB


Choose higher wattage lamps for larger enclosures e.g. 15W for enclosures up to 300mm and 26W for enclosures up to 600mm.