Komodo Infrared Spot Bulb ES 100W


Komodo Infrared Spot Bulb is ideal for daytime and night time, providing the same heat output with a more subtle lighting shade.

With it's soft, red light for restful heating, the perfect 24 hour infrared heat source for reptiles.

Key Benefits

Soft, red light for restful heating

Emits up to 90% of power as beneficial IRA heat rays

Optimum heat source for efficient thermoregulation and metabolism

Moderate output of UVA rays which stimulate the appetite and the immune system

Can be thermostatically controlled for safer use

Product Information

90% of the power used by this Komodo Daylight Spot lamp is emitted as heat rays that are beneficial to your reptile's health and wellbeing. It helps keep their habitat temperature within the same ranges as their natural habitat for which they are adapted, while giving them the UVA they need to keep going.