Lily's Kitchen Dog Chicken & Salmon Puppy Recipe Dry Food 7kg

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We've made this unique, grain free, dry and complete recipe for puppies because they deserve the healthiest start in life.
We've added lots and lots of health-promoting ingredients like salmon oil to help condition the skin and fur, glucosamine and chondroitin to help promote healthy, growing joints, prebiotics to support good digestion, as well as vitamins and minerals to make the most of those nutrients.

We use freshly prepared meat and nutritious organs, vegetables and fruit, in this recipe - really tasty, gentle on the tummy and easy to digest. We've also included an array of nutritious botanical herbs. Great nutrition builds a healthy immune system for your puppy to give them the best chance for a long and happy life free of illness.

Key Benefits

Proper food for dogs, Puppy recipe with chicken, salmon & peas, With freshly prepared proper meat, No meat meal or fillers, Puppy up to 12 months complete nutrition, Grain free recipe, Vet Approved recipe, Ethical Award - The Ethical Company Organisation

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44% Chicken & Salmon: Fresh Chicken (27%), Freshly Prepared Salmon (10%), Chicken Liver (7%), Sweet Potatoes, Pea Protein, Potato Protein, Whole Lentils, Whole Peas (4%), Chicken Fat, Egg, Chicken Gravy, Flaxseed, Minerals, Botanicals & Herbs* (1%), Salmon Oil, Joint Care Mix (Methylsulfonylmethane 1600mg/kg, Glucosamine 1500mg/kg, Chondroitin Sulphate 1500mg/kg), Prebiotics (Mannan Oligosaccharides 2.5g/kg, Fructooligosaccharides 1.5g/kg), Carrots, Apples, Cranberries, Spinach, *Botanicals & Herbs: Alfalfa, Chickweed, Cleavers, Golden Rod, Nettles, Seaweed, Dandelion Root, Celery Seeds, Milk Thistle, Burdock Root, Marigold Flowers, Rosehips


Typical ValuesAnalytical Constituents
Crude Protein29.0%
Crude Fat16.0%
Crude Fibres3.0%
Crude Ash7.5%
Omega 63.1%
Omega 31.2%
Energy380 kcal/100g
Additives (per kg)
Vitamin A (as Retinyl Acetate)18,000 IU
Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol)1,800 IU
Vitamin E (as Alpha Tocopherol Acetate)150 IU
Trace Elements
Zinc (as Zinc Chelate of Amino Acids Hydrate)100mg
Manganese (as Manganese Chelate of Amino Acids Hydrate)10mg
Copper (as Copper (II) Chelate of Amino Acids Hydrate)9mg
Selenium (as Organic Selenium S. cerevisiae CNCM 1-3060)0.2mg
lodine (as Calcium lodate Anhydrous)0.5mg


Daily Feeding Guidelines
This is a nutritionally complete pet food for puppies up to 12 months. Different breeds become fully grown at different ages. See our website for further information. Full of natural ingredients with added vitamins and minerals, this recipe has everything your puppy needs to stay healthy and grow strong. Serve with a bowl of fresh water nearby. For very young puppies still weaning, kibble must be softened by soaking in water before serving. A full description of how to wean your pup is available on our website.

Amount to feed per day (g)
Size of puppy (kg): 0.5; Age in months 2-4: 35
Size of puppy (kg): 0.75; Age in months 2-4: 45
Size of puppy (kg): 1; Age in months 2-4: 45; Age in months 5-8: 45
Size of puppy (kg): 2; Age in months 2-4: 80; Age in months 5-8: 80
Size of puppy (kg): 3; Age in months 2-4: 125; Age in months 5-8: 105
Size of puppy (kg): 4; Age in months 2-4: 155; Age in months 5-8: 130
Size of puppy (kg): 5; Age in months 2-4: 185; Age in months 5-8: 155
Size of puppy (kg): 6; Age in months 2-4: 210; Age in months 5-8: 175
Size of puppy (kg): 7; Age in months 2-4: 240; Age in months 5-8: 200
Size of puppy (kg): 8; Age in months 2-4: 265; Age in months 5-8: 220
Size of puppy (kg): 9; Age in months 2-4: 290; Age in months 5-8: 240
Size of puppy (kg): 10; Age in months 2-4: 310; Age in months 5-8: 260
Size of puppy (kg): 11; Age in months 2-4: 335; Age in months 5-8: 280
Size of puppy (kg): 12; Age in months 2-4: 355; Age in months 5-8: 300
Size of puppy (kg): 13; Age in months 2-4: 380; Age in months 5-8: 315
Size of puppy (kg): 14; Age in months 2-4: 400; Age in months 5-8: 335
Size of puppy (kg): 15; Age in months 2-4: 420; Age in months 5-8: 350
Size of puppy (kg): 16; Age in months 2-4: 440; Age in months 5-8: 370
Size of puppy (kg): 17; Age in months 2-4: 460; Age in months 5-8: 385
Size of puppy (kg): 18; Age in months 2-4: 480; Age in months 5-8: 400
Size of puppy (kg): 19; Age in months 2-4: 500; Age in months 5-8: 420; Age in months 9-12: 350
Size of puppy (kg): 20; Age in months 5-8: 435; Age in months 9-12: 365
Size of puppy (kg): 21; Age in months 5-8: 450; Age in months 9-12: 375
Size of puppy (kg): 22; Age in months 5-8: 470; Age in months 9-12: 390
Size of puppy (kg): 23; Age in months 5-8: 485; Age in months 9-12: 395
Size of puppy (kg): 24; Age in months 5-8: 500; Age in months 9-12: 410
Size of puppy (kg): 25; Age in months 5-8: 515; Age in months 9-12: 420
Size of puppy (kg): 26; Age in months 5-8: 530; Age in months 9-12: 430
Size of puppy (kg): 27; Age in months 5-8: 545; Age in months 9-12: 440
Size of puppy (kg): 28; Age in months 5-8: 560; Age in months 9-12: 450
Size of puppy (kg): 29; Age in months 5-8: 575; Age in months 9-12: 465
Size of puppy (kg): 30; Age in months 5-8: 710: Age in months 9-12: 475
Size of puppy (kg): 35; Age in months 9-12: 490
Size of puppy (kg): 40; Age in months 9-12: 530
Size of puppy (kg): 45; Age in months 9-12: 585
Size of puppy (kg): 50; Age in months 9-12: 640
Size of puppy (kg): 55; Age in months 9-12: 690
Size of puppy (kg): 60; Age in months 9-12: 745

New to Lily's Kitchen?
If you're serving up our food for the first time, it's best to Introduce it into your puppy's diet bit by bit over about a week. Start with a mix of 4/5 of your current food to 1/5 of Lily's Kitchen.
Day by day, increase the proportions until you're feeding only Lily's Kitchen.

Feeding Guide

Always provide a fresh bowl of drinking water with every meal