Lily's Kitchen Suppurrs Hunters Chicken with Duck for Cats 85g

£1.40 £1.65 per 100g

Expect lots of thank you purrs after this sumptuous steamed pairing of premium shredded chicken fillets with irresistible duck, served in a delicate gravy. As naturally nourishing as it is delicious, and lovingly made with freshly prepared meat and offal, this perfectly balanced, complete recipe contains all the essential nutrients your cat needs to thrive.

Key Benefits

• Nutritionally complete grain free wet food for cats 1 year+
• Shredded premium chicken fillet, steam cooked and served in delicious juices
•  Freshly made with 33% steamed chicken fillets and 10% duck liver & offal
• Contains essential taurine, vital for you cat's health
• No derivatives, preservatives or fillers - all natural healthy goodness

Product Information

Steam cooked, hand shredded chicken fillets, 48% freshly prepared meat and offal that cats thrive on. The rest is a perfect balance of moisture for hydration with vitamins and chelated minerals (extra easy to absorb) minerals.

Complete and balanced nutrition including essential taurine, vital for your cat's health. All natural with added vitamins and minerals and grain free recipes. Only proper meat: no meat or fish meal, no bone meal, no rendered meat - ever.

Recommended for

Adult cats aged 1-6 years


Freshly Prepared Chicken Fillet (33%),Freshly Prepared Duck Offal (10%),Freshly Prepared Chicken Liver (5%),Chicken Fat (5%),Minerals,Linseed Oil (0.2%)


Crude Protein: 11%,Crude Fats & Oils: 6%,Crude Ash: 2%,Crude Fibres: 0.3%,Moisture: 80%,Energy: 86kcals/100g,Additives (per kg) Vitamins:,Vitamin D3 (E671): 200iu,Vitamin E (all rac-alpha-tocopherol acetate): 20mg,Taurine: 1500mg,Trace Elements:,Zinc (as zinc sulphate, monohydrate): 25mg,Manganese (as manganous sulphate, monohydrate): 1.4mg,Iodine (as calcium iodate anhydrous): 0.75 mg,Copper (as copper sulphate pentahydrate): 1.0mg


Always ensure fresh drinking water is available. Food should be served at room temperature. This is a guide only and will depend on how active your cat is.

Feeding Guide

Feeding Guidelines
Food should be served at room temperature. Always make sure your cat has a supply of fresh water. This is a guide only and will depend on how active your cat is.
Cat 1-2kg: 60-160g
Cat 3-4kg: 125-250g
Cat 5-6kg: 175-330g

Serve it at room temperature with a bowl of fresh water nearby.

Storage Information

Store in a cool dry place.
Once opened, refrigerate and use within 2 days.