Marriage's Parrot Super Food Nutri-Bars 8 per pack

£4.84 61p each
In the wild foraging and eating form an essential role in Entertainment, Mental Stimulation and Exercise for birds and Marriage's Nutri Bars are designed to help birds recreate some of this natural behaviour, they are also packed full of super foods. 

Key Benefits

High in Omega 3 and Essential Oil 
All natural ingredients 
Made in the UK 

Product Information

Marriage's Nutri Bars are perfectly sized and full of taste and texture to give your parrot a simple and effective way to promote health offering a variety of beak, feet and tongue exercises and sensations. 

Recommended for

Marriage's Nutri Bars are suitable for Parrots. 


Strength Bars - Chia Seed, Chopped Peanuts, Mixed Nuts, Edible Binder Gelatine and Honey Health Bars - Chopped Peanuts, Mung Beans, Hemp Seed, Goji Berries, Edible Binder Gelatine & Honey Wellbeing Bars - Red Millet, Chopped Nuts, Cooked Linseed, Hemp Seed, Chia Seed, Edible Binder Gelatine & Honey Vitality Bars - Chopped Peanuts, Carrot, Pineapple, Raisins, Edible Binder Gelatine & Honey


Strength Bars - Crude Fibre 16.2%, Crude Protein 18.6%, Crude Fat 39.9%
Health Bars - Crude Fibre 7.2%, Crude Protein 19.7%, Crude Fat 19.7%
Wellbeing Bars - Crude Fibre 21.3%, Crude Protein 17.3%, Crude Fat 27.4%
Vitality Bars - Crude Fibre 3.4%, Crude Protein 15.3%, Crude Fat 22.3%


Feed to Parrots as part of a healthy balanced diet. 

Feeding Guide

Parrots love these snacks at any time as part of a balanced diet.

Storage Information

Store in a cool dry place preferably below 15°C.