Mediterranean Natural Serrano Ham Bone

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Serrano ham is rich in protein and benefits the health of the dog (including the improvement of the skin and fur). The bones of ham are ideal to strengthen the denture and eliminate the tartar of the pet.

Key Benefits

  • Excellent source of protein, phosphorus and calcium
  • Perfect to eliminate the tartar and strengthen the gums

Product Information

The Serrano Ham Bones of MEDITERRANEAN NATURAL are not cooked, but are subjected to a natural drying process to maintain all their nutritional properties and prevent them from splintering easily when chewed or digested by the pet.

Recommended for

One bone per week is recommended


Serrano ham


Protein 37%, crude fat 14%, humidity 19%, crude ash 30%.

Safety Advice

Because it is a natural product, the bone could splinter. In this case, remove the small pieces immediately.