National Trust CJ Wildlife Floating Duck and Swan Food 350g

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Please note: The price is for 1 tub
A Floating Food for Duck and Swans

Key Benefits

Better than Bread. Bread doesn't have the nutrients water birds need to stay fit and healthy. It fills their stomachs so they then don't want to forage, and has a negative impact on the water quality in ponds and lakes.

Product Information

This food can be sprinkled on the bank or in the shallows for ducks, as well as in deeper water for swans and as it floats you can be sure none will be missed!

Recommended for

Ducks and Swans


Cereals, Fish and Aquatic Animals, By-Products of Cereals, Animal Fat and Minerals.


Crude Protein 19.9%, CrudeOil and Fats 4%, Crude Fibre 3.2%, Crude Ash 7.2%, Lysine 1.1%, Methionine 0.5%, Calcium 1.1%, Phosphorous 0.7%, Sodium 0.2%.


Sprinkle on Water Surface

Size Guide


Storage Information

Store in a Cool Dry Place.
Reseal tub after use.
Use by see date on pack.