National Trust CJ Wildlife Seed Peanut Cake 500ml

£3.27 £6.54 per litre
High-energy Peanut Cake with Seed for garden birds, keeping them healthy throughout the year! Peanut Cakes are one of the highest calorie foods and are a phenomenal success with garden birds. Formulated from animal and vegetable fats, and bound with peanut flour, they have proved irresistible to a wide range of species.


Tallow, Peanut Flour, Black Sunflowers, Striped Sunflowers, Yellow Millet, Kibbled Peanuts, Pinhead Oatmeal


How to Feed:
Simply remove the tape holding the lid on, pull down the two perforated strips and ease out the cake. Hang from a branch (by looping a piece of string or wire through the hole in the hanger) or specialist peanut cake feeder. Alternatively, chop into cubes for a tasty bird table treat.