Natural VetCare Pet'Skin Balm 80g

£10.13 £12.66 per 100g
A natural moisturising balm with Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil for use on dry skin, cracked pads and noses, cuts, scrapes and rubs in dogs and cats.  Its gentle blend of botanical extracts and ceramide precursers deeply hydrate the skin, maintain skin barrier integrity & support microbial balance for long-lasting soothing and softening of dry itchy skin.

Key Benefits

- Moisturising & softening
- Soothes dry itchy skin
- Supports the skin's anti-inflammatory response
- Supports the skin microbiome
- Long-lasting skin protection
- All natural gentle formula
- Fragrance & preservative free

Product Information

Ceramide Precursers replenish the skin barrier to keep irritants, allergens and bacteria at bay whilst Coconut Oil hydrates and nourishes dry cracked skin, noses and pads, to moisturise and soften.
SOOTHES DRY ITCHY SKIN                                                   
Aloe Vera calms and cools itchy irritated skin while Bisabolol supports the skin's anti-inflammatory response. 
The gentle natural formula supports the skin surface's delicate microbial balance and aids healing in cuts, scrapes & rubs.  
Formulated for easy application and long-lasting action.  With no added fragrance or preservatives to avoid irritation.

Recommended for

Highly recommended to moisturise and protect dry skin, pads and noses in all dogs and cats!


Coconut Oil, Calendula, Aloe Vera, Bisabolol & Ceramide Precursors (Omega 3 & Omega 6).


A little goes a long way!
Massage into irritated skin, cracked paws & dry noses to soothe and soften.  Gently apply to scrapes and rubs to help heal and protect. 
Can be used as frequently as required.

Storage Information

Store product inside, avoiding direct sunlight and exposure to temperature extremes. 
Natural VetCare recommend a small patch test 24 hours prior to initial use. 
For external animal use only.  Keep out of reach of children.