Natural VetCare UriCatCare 16.2g

£10.23 £6.32 per 10g
UriCatCare is a premium veterinary strength supplement providing 360 degree support for sensitive cats who struggle with their urinary health. Its carefully blended ingredients relieve stress, provide anti inflammatory support and maintain a healthy bladder lining.

Key Benefits

Anti-inflammatory support
Bladder repair
Stress relief
100% palatability tested

Product Information

UriCatCare has been palatability tested to ensure maximum compliance and minimal stress when introducing it to the diet.  100% of cats who tried UriCatCare happily ate it with their food.

Omega 3 and Vitamin E support the body's natural anti-inflammatory response to calm sensitive bladders.

BLADDER REPAIR                                                       
The unique synergistic formula contains N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine which provides the building blocks to help replenish the urinary tract's delicate GAG layer after periods of inflammation and irritation.   
L-tryptophan naturally boosts levels of the feel good chemical, serotonin, which has been shown to relieve stress in cats and improve signs of stress behaviours such as territorial marking.

Recommended for

Highly recommended for cats with bladder health issues, especially those linked with stress and to support the management of urinary health.


N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine, L-tryptophan, Omega 3 (Fish Oil), Vitamin E.


Crude protein 44.8 %, Crude fats and oils 9.54 %, Crude ash 9.2 %, Crude fibre 0.4 %, Acid Insoluble Ash 6.31 %, Sodium 0.39 %, Omega 3 fatty acid 4 %.

Feeding Guide

Tasty and easy to feed powder in sprinkle capsules! 
Capsule can be fed whole or opened to mix contents with your cat’s daily feed. Total amount can be fed in one meal or spread throughout the day. 

Loading (3-4 weeks):
Cats (up to 4kg): 1 capsule/day
Large Cats (4kg+): 2 capsules/day

Cats (up to 4kg): 1/2 capsule/day*
Large Cats (4kg+): 1 capsule/day

*May be fed as 1 capsule on alternate days. 

Slowly introduce UriCatCare to the diet of cats who are picky eaters or suspicious of new foods

1 capsule provides approximately:
N-acetyl-D-Glucosamine     167mg
L-Tryptophan                          50mg
Fish Oil (Omega 3)                83mg
Vitamin E                                60μg

Storage Information

Store in a cool dry place. Replace lid after use