Nature First Natural Cluster Bird Toy

The Natural Cluster toy for birds will help to keep your birds nails and beak trim.

Key Benefits

  • Ideal for keeping beak trim and healthy
  • Help stimulate birds senses
  • Made from a mixture of durable and natural materials
  • Easy to attach to cage with metal clasp
  • Suitable for Parakeets and Medium/Large parrots

Product Information

The Natural Cluster Bird Toy in the Nature First range by Happy Pet has been created using natural products such as tough coconut shell, wooden blocks, cuttlefish bone and loofa pieces. All of which are great for helping to keep your birds beak and nails trim and in tip top condition. A great interactive toy with lots of shapes and textures to keep birds entertained for hours. 

Recommended for



1 metal clasp to hang

Size Guide

Size: 43 x 17 x 17cm


Coconut shell, leather, cuttlebone, wood, bamboo

Safety Advice

Supervision is recommended with this product